About us

Hello and welcome to Luxe Body Butters/ LuxeBySerenity LLC and PrissiChyk Co.(PRISSICHYKLIPSCOLLECTION). Our goal is to provide high quality, all natural skin solutions, mental tranquility, and inspirational / uplifting products for you. What motivated us to start making our own all natural body butters was due to continuously hearing complaints from family members and friends about dry skin, eczema, etc. After a bit of self-experimentation, We came up with consistent formulas that we used for family members. Our handmade all natural soaps,  body scrubs, and other products were created due to everyone asking us to expand on our other inspirations and uplifting passions. Our family, friends, and co-workers begin asking what I used on my skin. So, we decided to make a few family and co-workers items for their special occasions and from there the word was spread to others. We also thought about individuals that are allergic to nuts, so we created a nut-free/fragrance free line as well. We are looking forward to finding our way into your homes and hearts soon!